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Our Projects

We work in partnership with a variety of exceptional organisations working together to achieve our key objectives:

Our Objectives

Increasing public awareness 

Communities are engaged to help build awareness of modern slavery across their wider networks and increase the level of public understanding.

Long-term survivor support

More survivors are holistically supported to help regain independence and overcome their previous exploitation, for as long as they need.

Preventing modern slavery

Stakeholders, communities and individuals are equipped with the tools to better understand, identify and tackle the causes of modern slavery.

Long-term Survivor support: TRIBE Financial Empowerment Hub

The TRIBE Survivor Financial Empowerment Hub is a digital learning platform designed to educate banks and survivor support organisations to promote survivor financial inclusion, empowering survivors with financial literacy training and support. The Hub comprises 19 modules across four key areas, incorporating survivor insights, case studies, videos and important guidance for banks and SSOs. The goal is for all banks and SSOs to implement our 12 key actions, to drive survivor financial empowerment.

“This initiative is a very progressive, much-needed next step in the right direction to truly help create REAL second chances for Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking.” Timea Nagy, Survivor, Advocate, Educator, trainer and CEO.

Visit the Hub

Long-term survivor support: Hike for Freedom

TRIBE Hike for Freedom: Fitness and Wellness programme is a structured six-month programme of fitness and outdoor activities helping survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking to improve their well-being and regain their freedom through fitness and nature. By working with multiple project partners, the project also aims to increase cross-charity collaboration to enhance wider long-term support for survivors of modern slavery.

In 2019, we conducted a pilot walking group with the Helen Bamber Foundation. Together, 15 women took part in the monthly training walks, culminating in the Hike For Freedom: Three Peaks Challenge. The project gave them the opportunity to rediscover their inner strength and recognise their capabilities. Watch the video below for an insight into the pilot project and its incredible impact. We are working with our partners to re-start the programme in 2023!

“People have told me ‘you can’t do this’, ‘you can’t achieve this’, ‘you’re not this’, ‘you’re not that’, but after today, nobody will tell me ‘you can’t do this’ or ‘you can’t achieve this’. This has topped it all for me.” — Hike for Freedom Participant

Watch the video

Preventing Modern Slavery: Foodies Fighting Slavery

In May 2023, following an extensive 18-month consultation period, engaging over 2,000 consumers and 100+ SME employees we launched the Foodies Fighting Slavery: SME Toolkit in collaboration with the Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Stronger Together and STOP THE TRAFFIK.  The Toolkit has been created to support Food & Drink SMEs to start taking action against modern slavery in their operations with practical tools and tailored guidance. Over the months ahead, we will be monitoring the outcomes of the Toolkit and supporting more SMEs to fight modern slavery in the food industry. If you are interested in learning more, please do get in touch.

“The Foodies Fighting Slavery: SME Toolkit is genuinely one of best resources I’ve seen to date. I can’t actually emphasise enough how great I think it is and we’ll definitely be using it to share with our supply base. I know it’ll really start to make an impact very quickly.” – Anna Smith, ASDA

Access the Toolkit

Preventing modern slavery: A call to action

We are working in partnership with Themis Financial Crime Agency on a new research project, commissioned by the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner. The 2020 report aims to increase awareness of the direct and indirect linkage of Financial Institutions with modern slavery and the role they have in preventing it; to drive cultural change and action at the most senior levels within the Financial Sector; and to provide practical recommendations which encourage businesses to adopt best practice in relation to modern slavery.

Financial institutions have a key role to play in preventing modern slavery, a global trade whereby human beings are repeatedly sold for profit. This resource will empower businesses to understand the risks and identify practical measures to disrupt this devastating crime.” —  Dame Sara Thornton Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner

Read the report
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