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1. Fundraise for us

Join our movement for change.


Get in touch to help fight slavery.

All fundraisers for the Foundation will receive:

**PERFORMANCE NUTRITION: Receive 2x TRIBE 6 pack nutrition boxes when you start fundraising – performance nutrition to kick start your training.

**TRAINING: Join us for regular training sessions across the UK including monthly track days, rides and trail running events. All fundraisers receive support emails with tips, nutritional advice and more.

**COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Whether you’re running your first 10K, Marathon or Ultra, we will support you throughout your training and your adventures. We empower you to create an impact.

**REWARDS: The TRIBE community celebrate every milestone. Receive a FREE limited edition TRIBE technical tee when you reach £100 and further rewards when you fundraise more than £200.

To redeem your Team TRIBE fundraising package email us at:

In May 2018, 300 TRIBE runners ran together for the TRIBE 10% Project: Hackney Half Campaign. They raised £60K to help fight modern slavery check out the video and be inspired here!

2. Follow us

Check out our social media. Help spread the word.

Follow us on social media and sign up to the Foundation newsletter – to keep up to date with the TRIBE community, the Foundation and our activities.

We also love to see how you’re getting on. Share your photos, fundraising and progress to keep us up to date with the action.



3. Support our projects

Donate your time.

There are lots of ways to get involved with our projects!!

  • Volunteer at an event
  • Join the renovations team at Snowdrop
  • Help with community activities

To find out more, email