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Heritage and Mission

A movement inspired by two transcontinental journeys to fight human trafficking.

Established in March 2017, The TRIBE Freedom Foundation was inspired by a Run for Love. It is the product of two phenomenal transcontinental journeys and the brainchild of the TRIBE community.

In 2013, Tom, Guy and Rob completed the first Run for Love – a 1,000 mile run across Europe from Odessa (Ukraine) to Dubrovnik (Croatia) to fight child trafficking. More than 250 runners joined them and together they raised over £250,000 to set up the first home for trafficked children in the UK.

The TRIBE community established the Foundation to continue the journey they started in Odessa in 2013; to end modern slavery.

The TRIBE community

Fuelled by the experience of Run for Love 1000, Tom, Guy and Rob established TRIBE in 2015, a natural performance nutrition brand for a community of everyday athletes. Since inception, a proportion of every TRIBE pack has been donated to charity. Today, 1p from every product sold by TRIBE goes directly to TRIBE Freedom Foundation.

Since TRIBE was established, over 10,000 TRIBE athletes have attended more than 500 runs and rides. In 2017, Tom, Guy and Rob saw an opportunity to bring the 1,000+ TRIBE runners and riders together to do something amazing to fight modern slavery and human trafficking. The TRIBE Freedom Foundation was registered as a charity in March 2017.

Run for Love II

In summer 2017, 250+ runners took part in TRIBE Run for Love II. The aim was to run and ride across Europe, from Sarajevo to London, in just 14 days. 2,000 brutal km. 6 days running – 35 miles every day. 8 days biking – up to 136 miles every day. Sheer mountain passes in the Austrian Alps. 50+ degree heat. Unimaginable pain. Pushing the limits of human endurance.

The Run for Love Team fundraised over £95,000 for the TRIBE Freedom Foundation.

On the 1st January 2018, the Prime Minister awarded the Run for Love Team a “Points of Light” award in acknowledgment of their inspiring work, coordinating and completing Run for Love II.

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