TRIBE project partner progress at Snowdrop

This year, TRIBE Freedom Foundation has engaged over 1,000 runners, riders, athletes and adventurers to raise funds to support our charity project partners (Snowdrop and Ella’s Home). It’s been an incredible year for both projects. Read on for an update from Snowdrop on their outstanding work to support survivors.

A few years ago Snowdrop supported 12 survivors of trafficking. This year 86 survivors have attended community activities, 33 have accessed counselling and 43 have been supported by caseworkers. In October, volunteers also completed Snowdrop’s 40th house renovation for a survivor. It is deeply unsettling to see the numbers of people who have experienced this trafficking and exploitation increasing, however, there is significant progress in the fact that more people are being identified and accessing the support they need to help overcome their past experiences.

As a result of growing referrals, Snowdrop finalised the move to new, larger offices in September. For Snowdrop’s clients, the office is a safe and homely space for them to spend time and access support. Thanks to the generous support of individuals and local businesses, the bulk of the office move was completed in a day and the team only had to pause services for one day. It’s amazing to see Snowdrop continuing to grow in capacity and maintaining such a safe and supportive space for Snowdrop clients.

Another highlight from the last month has been celebrating the incredible news that a large trafficking gang responsible for trafficking one of Snowdrop’s clients has been found guilty. The case has taken a gruelling two and a half years to go to trial. This client has shown extreme bravery and resilience both in the long wait and then testifying for 5 days in a row.  Local Coordinator Rachel Medina supported this client throughout the arduous process and writes here in detail about the realities of testifying.

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