Three years unlocking freedom with Ella’s

Ella’s is a London-based organisation working with survivors of trafficking and exploitation. We have been partnering with Ella’s since 2018 and it’s been amazing to see the organisation grow.

Ella’s provides safe house accommodation for women when they are most vulnerable, care to help them recover, and long-term support to help them build safe, independent lives. Their work is essential for survivors. Without it, many would fall back into danger.

During our partnership with Ella’s, they have grown from two to eight permanent members of staff and opened their second safe house. They have also expanded to reach women and families living in neighbourhoods across London, as well as through their safe houses. So far, 60 survivors have been directly supported and 33 children have benefited as a result of their work.

‘We are so grateful for our partnership with TRIBE,’ says Emily Chalke, Co-Director at Ella’s.

‘Their support has been critical in enabling us to develop and reach more survivors. We massively appreciate the TRIBE community, and are thankful for all they contribute across the anti-trafficking sector.’

Intensive support

Yeta is a survivor of trafficking and exploitation who has been deeply impacted by the trauma she’s been through. She has complex post-traumatic stress disorder. The safe house accommodation and long-term support at Ella’s have been vital in enabling Yeta to stay safe and recover.

‘I was so lucky that [Ella’s’] were able to open the door to me. Otherwise, things would have become even worse,’ says Yeta. ‘The smiles of the staff are everything to me, they give me hope.’

Looking forward

We continue to partner with Ella’s as they develop their work further, to see more survivors of trafficking supported to build lives that are safe and free. We’ve seen so much impact and growth during our first few years and in the next year, Ella’s hope to open a third safe house, to grow their work to help ensure more women have the urgent and long-term support they need to recover and build lives that are safe and free.

Together, we go further and faster to end modern slavery.

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