Supporting Ella’s Third Home

At TRIBE Freedom Foundation, we are championing holistic, long-term support for survivors of modern slavery across the UK and beyond. We have been partnering with Ella’s since 2018, granting a total of £225,000 to help empower greater numbers of survivors and open two new homes.

Ella’s provides safe house accommodation for women when they are most vulnerable, care to help them recover, and long-term support to help them build safe, independent lives. Their work is essential for survivors. Without it, many would fall back into danger.

Ella’s’ Third Home

This Spring, with support from the TRIBE community, Ella’s will open their third safe house, a remarkable milestone and a hugely impactful step. The safe house will be a space for female survivors of modern slavery and trafficking to recover in safety, with the support of an incredible community network and access to holistic long-term care. Not only does Ella’s offer a place for survivors to call home; they provide each woman with tailored casework support to recover from the trauma they’ve experienced, and gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to build independent lives that are safe and free. 

Over the last two years, due to the unprecedented nature of Covid-19 and its wider effects, an even greater number of people have found themselves in increasingly vulnerable situations. Despite the growing awareness surrounding the issues of modern slavery, the number of those being taken advantage of is on an upward trend. 

The need for a third Ella’s safe house is critical. In 2021, demand for safe house accommodation significantly outweighed capacity and only 18% of the many women referred to Ella’s could be accepted into their accommodation. Through fundraising from the TRIBE community, we have been able to support Ella’s in increasing their capacity, providing expert care and life-changing impact for even more women.

Sharon’s Story

Sharon is a refugee as well as a survivor of trafficking and exploitation. She was scared and traumatised when she arrived at Ella’s safe house two years ago. But today, Sharon is recovering, living independently and studying to be a nurse.

The people who work at Ella’s…they can show you a new path, that everything can be fine again. You can find new things even if you’ve lost something,’ says Sharon.

I chose to study nursing because I really want to help other people. For many, many years I’ve needed help from others. And though I can’t go back to help all those people in return, I can do something to help others in the future.’

Everyone says, “I don’t want to leave Ella’s!”, but we must. The team at Ella’s have helped me to become more independent. They help us prepare in our minds for the future, so we have the right support and knowledge, in order to be ok after Ella’s as well as while we are here.’

On my first day at Ella’s, it felt like being welcomed home. I felt safe.’ 

Looking forward 

Throughout 2022, we are continuing to partner with Ella’s to support the opening of the third safe house and enable their critical frontline support for survivors like Sharon. 

Across our community events, from TRIBE Run for Love 4 to the Relay Across Scotland, our goal is to raise £150,000 to provide long-term support for survivors and increase access to survivor safe-housing in the UK, including helping to open Ella’s third survivor safe house. Funds raised will contribute towards the running, staffing, and maintenance of the new safe house, alongside survivor support costs.

This will be the first of Ella’s safe houses to feature a fully accessible bedroom and bathroom, widening their ability to help even more individuals and we could not be more proud to support!

Every fundraiser and every donation will make a difference

  • Raise £1,000 and you could help provide six months of tailored casework support for a survivor of trafficking and exploitation.
  • Raise £2,000 and you could help provide a year’s worth of tailored casework support for a survivor.
  • Raise £9,500 and you could help cover six months’ total safe house costs for a survivor.
  • Help raise £19,000 and you could cover a year’s total safe house costs for a survivor.

We are delighted to see one of our longest-standing partners continue to amplify their impact and enter such an exciting new chapter in their growth. Together, we will go further and faster to end modern slavery and empower the survivors. 

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