Nia’s Story

TRIBE Freedom Foundation brings people together to fight against modern slavery. One of our primary objectives is to empower and support survivors of human trafficking. We raise funds for fantastic frontline survivor support charities across the UK to ensure they can continue to provide the essential care that they do. 

One such partner is Ella’s, whose work we’ve supported since 2018. Ella’s offers safe houses for vulnerable women and offers long-term support to help them re-establish their lives and find employment after trafficking. 

This is the story of Nia, for whom support from Ella’s was life changing.

Nia had been trafficked by her then partner and then kept as a slave, abused and exploited by his whole family.

When she came to Ella’s last summer, trauma-induced insomnia was Nia’s biggest obstacle. Her support worker at Ella’s helped her with this challenge, assisting her with GP registration, helping her get the mental health care she needed and settling her into life at Ella’s. ‘At last, I could sleep without thinking someone would kill me in the night,’ says Nia. 

Ella’s has also helped Nia to access the benefits she’s entitled to, as well as with immigration and pathways to employability skills. Thanks to this support, Nia’s confidence has grown hugely, and she recently received a job offer!

For Nia, her time at Ella’s has been about more than practical help. She’s made friends, is building community, and exercising.

‘Ella’s is about my whole life. I even took part in a hill walk with TRIBE,’ says Nia. ‘I’m looking after my skin, my hair. I feel like a woman who deserves a good life.’

‘When you are at Ella’s, you see life. What life is and can be. I love Ella’s. I will always be thankful. I will tell the story of Ella’s to my children… In 105 years, I will still be talking about Ella’s.’


To find out more about Ella’s and read their latest impact report visit: Website | Instagram

To learn more about TRIBE Freedom Foundation and our wider impact visit: Website | Instagram


Photo: Lloyds Bank Foundation/Ella’s

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