Introducing Justice & Care

Justice and Care bring freedom to men, women and children from slavery. They pursue the criminal networks responsible
and help spark systemic change.

We are incredibly proud to announce Justice & Care as one of our new frontline project partners. We will be supporting their UK work throughout 2021 and beyond, following a grant of £25,000 to help develop their impactful Victim Navigator Programme.

Here, Cristina Huddleston (Director of European Operations) gives us an insight into the impact of the Victim Navigator Programme and their wider UK operations:

Based on our own research, using police data, there are over 100,000 victims of slavery in the UK. That is more than the prison population of the UK. 

Our vision is clear: every captive free, every perpetrator brought to justice. At Justice and Care we help rescue victims of slavery and human trafficking, reunite them with their families and empower them to rebuild their lives. We help bring those responsible to justice and spark systemic change. 

We work in Asia, mainland Europe and the UK. In each location, our award-winning work sees Justice and Care workers embedded in police and border force teams across the country.  Together, we help provide specialist advice into investigations, disrupt and dismantle criminal networks, rescue victims and help them to rebuild their lives.  

Over the last 12 months alone we have helped support 95 survivors in the UK and provided advice into 246 cases, resulting in more than 60 arrests of suspected traffickers. The work is growing, with support from TRIBE Freedom Foundation, two new Victim Navigators have just joined the Metropolitan Police.  

“To a police investigation, a Victim Navigator is a vital role. It makes you have more time to do a better investigation so that that victim gets justice at the end of it. The Victim Navigators have definitely helped people engage more with police; it’s priceless really.”Detective Constable Hollie Hampson, Essex Police

Very simply our work ensures that more victims are rescued – and as we support them to engage with police, we see the traffickers responsible brought to justice. Nationally around 30% of victims engage with prosecutions. However, in the cases we are involved in the figure rises to more than 80% engagement.  

We are hugely grateful for the opportunity to partner with TRIBE Freedom Foundation who share our heart for justice and freedom. Together, we can save lives and break the grip of slavery! 

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Cristina Huddleston 

Director of European Operations, Justice and Care

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