Foodies Fighting Slavery

Want to help drive positive change across the food & drink industry? Join the conversation and spark an impact as part of our exciting new project, Foodies Fighting Slavery: An Agenda for Action for UK Food & Drink SMEs.

Dear Foodies, Consumers and UK Food & Drink SMEs,

Today, the TRIBE Freedom Foundation is launching a 12-month project called “Foodies Fighting Slavery: An Agenda for Action for UK Food & Drink SMEs”, in collaboration with the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and STOP THE TRAFFIK.

The Problem: 97% of the UK Food & Drink industry are small and medium-sized businesses (“SMEs”). Despite wanting to take action, SMEs, including TRIBE, can feel powerless to understand how they can do more to fight slavery within their supply chains. We want to help the food industry to change.

Our Goal: To empower tens of thousands of SMEs with practical tools and knowledge to combat the risk of modern slavery in their supply chains.

To kick off, we’d love the entire TRIBE community to join the conversation and help to drive change by taking one of the following surveys:

  1. If you work for a Food/Drink SME – Take this survey.
  2. If you *do not* work for a Food/Drink SME – Take the survey here!

Everyone who completes either survey will receive a £10 TRIBE voucher and the chance to win a £250 Selfridge’s voucher. 

Your answers will help us to drive positive change across the food & drink industry.

Over the coming months, we will be exploring the challenges which have prevented food & drink companies from doing more to address the risks of modern slavery. We are also investigating solutions to address the specific modern-slavery risks faced by UK Food & Drink SMEs across each and every stage of the supply chain, from sourcing ingredients to selecting suppliers and working with third-party distributors, processors and/or manufacturers. We want to tease out examples of good practice so that we can formulate a sector-wide response.

For further information on the project and how you can get involved, please email:

Together we will go further and faster address the risks of modern slavery, disrupt the traffickers exploiting vulnerable people across the global food industry and empower the survivors.

Let’s do this!