TRIBE Freedom Foundation 2018 Impact

2018 was a HUGE year for TRIBE Freedom Foundation. Throughout our first full year in operation, we saw more than 525 fundraisers and over 2,000 everyday athletes join our mission, raising awareness of modern slavery and funds for frontline anti-trafficking projects through a series of challenges, events, film screenings and targeted fundraising campaigns.

Over the year, we developed our partnerships with three outstanding UK anti-slavery organisations. In January 2018, we made a grant of £80,000 to Unseen, following fundraising in 2017. In February, the trustees selected The Snowdrop Project and Ella’s Home as our charity Project Partners for 2018, following the TRIBE Freedom Foundation 2018 Trafficking Audit and just last month we awarded grants of £45,000 to Snowdrop and Ella’s Home to continue their outstanding work.

Working with TRIBE Freedom Foundation between January-December 2018, our outstanding frontline charity project partners (Snowdrop, Ella’s Home and Unseen) have had an incredible impact across a variety of key areas. Together, with the entire TRIBE community, we have supported them to:



  • Impact 226 survivors of modern slavery with support to begin rebuilding their lives following exploitation. This figure includes:
    • 14 men, 20 women and four children supported at Unseen’s multiple safe houses;
    • Five residential clients and 23 outreach clients at Ella’s Home; and
    • 86 clients for long term support at Snowdrop.



  • Identify over 7,141 victims of modern slavery via the Unseen Modern Slavery Helpline. These cases are referred to the appropriate law enforcement and local authority organisations.
  • Deliver training for 1,925 professionals to improve how police forces, lawyers, fire and rescue, businesses, local authorities, NGOs, NHS staff and many others support and identify the victims of slavery.



  • Established the first TRIBE Gym for the survivors of modern slavery, to help improve wellbeing and aid recovery.
  • Inspired two survivors of modern slavery to start running, following the installation of a new cross trainer at Ella’s Home and the TRIBE 10% Project Hackney Half Campaign. Together, this led one women at Ella’s Home to complete the Virgin Sport London 10K + TRIBE x Maverick Run Free 2019!

The Gym is working really well … making our residents more active and opening up important conversations about well-being, self-care, nutrition, and hydration’ Unseen Men’s Safehouse Manager.


Together, we go further and faster to end modern slavery. Thanks to everyone who played a part in our work and supported our mission over the last year.


Join us this year as we take on a series of new challenges and push ourselves to fight modern slavery.

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