TRIBE 10% Project 2019

The TRIBE community are bold, fearless and push their limits. In 2019, TRIBE are launching the TRIBE 10% Project – our challenge to each other – to improve and push our boundaries. We believe that small changes in nutrition, lifestyle and training can help us perform at least 10% better.

The goal is to raise £500,000 for TRIBE Freedom Foundation to fight modern slavery.

TRIBE have curated a set of challenges for the TRIBE community, to push our limits and help us commit to be the best versions of ourselves. Let’s make this the year of the small changes. That add up to a really big change. Pushing the limits of human endurance to fight modern slavery.

Challenge: Accepted.

You want [Nature].
TRIBE x Maverick Run Free

Stunning trail Marathon or Half in Chilterns, followed by summer festival.
When? 25 May 2019

You want [Freedom].
24 Hours to Paris

Ride 200 miles in 24 hours from London  to Paris. Be a Force of Nature.

When? 12 – 14 April 2019

You want [Adventure].
Run for Love 3

The epic trilogy continues. 250km run in 6 days across the Azores islands in mid-Atlantic.

When? 23 – 30 November 2019

For the TRIBE 10% Project 2018 finale, over 300 TRIBE runners ran the TRIBE 10% Project: Hackney Half Marathon. We trained together as a tribe and our aim was to cut 10% off our Half Marathon PB and raise £50,000 for the TRIBE Freedom Foundation. A whopping 75% of runners beat their PB, with an average improvement of 7.2% on their PB. The community raised over £60,000 to support the TRIBE Freedom Foundation, an incredible achievement with enormous impact.

2019 we’re going bigger and better. Let’s do this!

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