Surviving to Thriving

Alyssa’s Story

This is the story of Alyssa* who has been supported by our charity project partner, HERA UK. It shows the incredible progress and wider social impact which can be made when survivors of modern slavery have access to education, training and long term support. 

Alyssa joined the HERA Business and Entrepreneurship Training Programme in 2011 with ambitions to gain the knowledge and skills to one day return to her home country, set up a school and ensure no more young children had to experience trauma like her.

Alyssa thrived in the training setting and clearly had a passion to empower others within learning environments. Following graduation from HERA and with the encouragement from her HERA mentor, Alyssa went on to lecture at London Metropolitan University and 5 years ago started her own business.

A Ray of Hope helps partially and permanently excluded school children, young people from different backgrounds and children in care, to access education at home, on a one-to-one basis.

Alyssa’s commitment to her pupils and her business vision led her to win the Sandhu Charitable Foundation Award, HERA’s 2021 pilot grant-giving programme. Alyssa was granted the funds to transition her business to online teaching due to covid-19.

Alyssa really is a ray of hope and an inspiration to so many!

In 2021, the TRIBE community are supporting HERA to develop their Survivor Education, Entrepreneurship & Business Training. This year, HERA UK will also launch a new online learning platform, alongside the existing Summer Training Programme which will be delivered to survivors this July. Follow this link for more information.

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