Ride for Love: Meet the Team!

In just one weeks time, the TRIBE Ride for Love Team set off for the epic TRIBE Ride for Love: Sea to Summit Challenge. They will cycle 250 miles and climb 25,000 ft from Cartagena to the rooftop of Spain and the top of Sierra Nevada mountains in just three days!!

Led by pro-cyclist Juliet Elliott and the TRIBE team, they will push our limits to the absolute max, all raising funds to help end modern slavery in the UK. Find out why they’re riding and meet the team below!!

Juliet Elliott
Cycling since: 2007
Riding: Dream Machine
Why Ride for Love: TRIBE’s events are legendary. Ride for Love builds on what the founders set out to achieve, which is to experience adventure, challenge oneself and help others. I can’t wait to explore the Sierra Nevada and help shine a light on what the TRIBE Freedom Foundation are doing.
Best ride to date: An incredible three weeks cycle touring in Japan
Most excited for: Riding somewhere I’ve never been before
What will be the most challenging element: All that climbing…! 25,000ft!!
Favourite TRIBE bar: Bogoya Banana
Fundraising Raffle: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/julietelliottnoakes

Chloe Townsend
Cycling since: 2016
Riding: Cassie the Canyon
Why Ride for Love: It’s an awesome challenge and I’ve never done anything like it on a bike!
Best ride to date: My best ride is a 100k from my house, the views are incredible and you’re straight out into peaceful Oxfordshire countryside. Most of the roads are completely clear and there are some long flats through the fields you can build up speed on. And of course – it had a great village coffee stop on the way back in!
Most excited for: The views from the top on the final day!
What will be the most challenging element: The climbing… where I train has very few hills.
Favourite TRIBE bar: Cacao and Almond or Cacao and Orange energy because they’re the perfect healthy sweet treat to keep me going on night shifts!!
Fundraising Link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/chloes300km

Rhys Davies
Cycling since: Not long at all, maybe 3 years.
Riding: A new bike since my old fixed gear bike ‘Stevie Fix’ got stolen near Shepherd’s Bush!
Why Ride for Love: I wanted a challenge and to ride for a great cause. Ride for Love definitely ticks both boxes.
Best ride to date: My favourite ride was the very first ‘long’ ride I did from London to Southend with my housemate a few years ago. I had a terrible bike but the sun was out and the fish and chips at the finish on Southend beach made it.
Most excited for: An ice cold beer at the end of each day.
What will be the most challenging element: Having to peel myself out of bed each morning after a long ride the day before!
If I was a TRIBE bar I’d be: Cacao and Orange energy bar because it’s basically a nutritious Terry’s Chocolate Orange!!
Fundraising Link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rhys-davies39

Caroline Dyott (Caz)
Cycling since: 2013
Riding: Liv
Why Ride for Love: Because cycling and travel is a great combination. Also, having taken part in the ‘Run for Love’ Ride last summer I’m keen to continue the RFL journey!
Best ride to date: Run for Love 2017 – Zagreb to Croatia
Most excited for: Hitting the summit
What will be the most challenging element: Getting to the summit!!
Favourite TRIBE bar: Sour Cherry energy bar
Fundraising Link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/caroline-dyott1

Tomas Kogan
Cycling since: 2013
Riding: Tamara (who will be coming with me to Grenada!)
Why Ride for Love: Great cause, great people & great destination!
Best/Longest ride to date: Col de Braus has the most picturesque switchbacks I’ve ever ridden.
Most excited for: Climbing the highest road in Europe in Sierra Nevada
What will be the most challenging element: Avoiding the temptation of a siesta after our Spanish lunches…!!
Favourite TRIBE bar: Peanut Butter & Banana Infinity Energy
Fundraising Link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tomas-kogan

Sandy Reid (Swede)
Cycling since: My first mountain bike age 9!
Why Ride for Love?: Amazing cause, people and experience
Best ride(s) to date: UCI Amateur road World Championships 2017 in Albi, and Run for Love 2017 of course..!!
Most excited for: Copious Tapas
What will be the most challenging element: Long days in the saddle are always a challenge. Bring it on!!
Favourite TRIBE bar: Has to be a Choc Salt Infinity Bar – Not flash but gets the job done
Fundraising Link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/sandy-alexander-reid

Georgia Phillips (G)
Cycling since: August 2017
Riding: Bethan (a very long story)
Why Ride for Love: To raise awareness for a really great cause, and to also challenge myself
Longest ride to date: Dragon Ride in Wales, 153km
Most excited for: A beer at the top of Sierra Nevada
What will be the most challenging element: All the climbing
Favourite TRIBE Bar: Apple Cinnamon Infinity Bar
Fundraising Link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/georgia-phillips-fizpatrick1

Magdalena Watras (Magda)
Cycling since: Properly… 6 years only!
Riding: Black Velvet Bad Boy
Why Ride for Love: I love to ride so why not ride for love and help support people whose freedom been taken away from them!
Best ride to date: RAID Pyrenean up to Montpellier (unsupported)
Most excited for: I live for the hills!
What will be the most challenging element: That 1km of 17% incline right at the end.
Favourite TRIBE bar: Bogoyoa Banana Protein Bar
Fundraising Link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/magdalena-watras

Tom Stancliffe (Stanners)
Cycling since: As early as I can remember!
Why Ride for Love: Nothing I love more than being out in nature, pushing my limits with an amazing group of people.
Best ride to date: Riding from LA to San Francisco in five days in 2014
Most excited for: Getting to the rooftop of the Sierra Nevada and admiring the views!
What will be the most challenging element: The hills! Already terrified about the climbs
Favourite TRIBE product: Has to be Vanilla Protein Shake because it tastes delicious
Fundraising Link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tom-stancliffe7

Ryan Hammond
Cycling since: Feb 2017
Why Ride for Love: It’s a unique opportunity to raise funds for a worthwhile charity, as well as a personal challenge!!
Longest ride to date: 150km
Most excited for: Climbing mountains, never done it on a bike before!!
What will be the most challenging element: The last few kilometres near the summit!
Favourite TRIBE bar: Banana & Peanut Butter Infinity Bar (who doesn’t love that??!!)
Fundraising Link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ryan-hammond1

Tom Pritchard (Pritch) 
Cycling since: I was about 4 years of age
Riding: The Beast!!
Why Ride for Love: It’s an amazing cause and an epic challenge
Longest ride to date: London to Paris
Most excited for: finishing the final climb
What will be the most challenging element: The whole of day three!
Favourite TRIBE bar: Goji Berry and Coconut Protein Bar
Fundraising Link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tom-pritchard13