Our £250,000 Fundraising Mission

This November, we will bring together 500 TRIBE runners, to push the limits of human endurance and run 280km in 6 days to fight modern slavery. Run for Love 3 is the third in the Run for Love trilogy. It is taking place in the tropical islands of The Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our goal is to raise £250,000 for TRIBE Freedom Foundation to help establish two new homes for victims of modern slavery in London and Sheffield. Working with project partners, Ella’s and The Snowdrop Project, both centres will provide the highest quality long-term support for survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Modern Slavery is not a historic issue, it is taking place across the UK and the world at an unprecedented scale. In fact, an estimated 136,000 people are trapped in modern slavery in the UK today. (Global Slavery Index, 2019)

What will funding support?

With £250,000 fundraising, the Run for Love team will enable Ella’s and Snowdrop to develop and grow, supporting a greater number of survivors to rebuild their lives and protecting victims from homelessness, destitution and re-trafficking.

Ella’s provide independent long-term aftercare for women who have experienced abuse through trafficking and sexual exploitation. In their East-London safe-house they provide a space for rehabilitation, accommodation, and support. They also work throughout the community with women across London. In partnership with Luminary Bakery, they help provide training and employment opportunities, enabling survivors to regain independence.

With support from fundraising by the Run for Love team, they are opening a second London home for women exiting safe-houses but who are still very vulnerable. The women will learn to live independently and re-integrate, whilst still being able to access the care and support of Ella’s.

Snowdrop is a Sheffield-based charity and one of the first in the UK to provide long-term follow-on support for survivors. They work with clients on an individual basis to ensure their personal and complex needs are met. Similarly to Ella’s, Snowdrop takes a holistic approach, providing a wide range of services including casework, counselling, education, employment and housing support. Together, they enable survivors to overcome their exploitation and live independently.

With support from the Run for Love team, Snowdrop will be able to purchase a new building, to provide invaluable stability and security for the clients they work with and for the future of the project. The new building will also enable them to increase their capacity, supporting more survivors and bringing additional support services under one roof!

Join the team at triberunforlove.com and support our mission.

Together, we go further and faster to end modern slavery.

Let’s do this!

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