Nominate the 10% Project Team!!

JustGiving Awards are now OPEN!!

The TRIBE community is bold, fearless and they push their limits. In May 2018, over 250 TRIBE Freedom Foundation fundraisers completed the Hackney Half Marathon as part of the TRIBE 10% Project Team. Check out the campaign here.

The team showed incredible determination, motivation and creativity in their fundraising and their training. Pushing each other to the limit to help cut 10% off their PB’s and raise almost £60K to fight modern slavery.

We think they deserve recognition!!

Now that the 2018 JustGiving awards have opened, you can nominate the team here in three simple steps:

  1. Enter the campaign link (below) in the ‘nominate’ box:
  2.  Select: ‘showed originality and creativity’
  3.  Copy the text below into the box for an explanation or create your own message (BUT don’t go over 500 characters or your nomination will be discounted!)

Copy for nomination: It was amazing to join the TRIBE Hackney Half 10% Project! Over 250 fundraisers worked together to create an innovative and inspiring community atmosphere, training & fundraising together with two clear aims: 1) to raise over £40K for TRIBE Freedom Foundation & fight modern slavery, 2) to push their limits & cut their Half Marathon PB by 10%. They’ve raised £59,051.94 (so far) & 75% of runners beat their PB, by an average of 7.2%. They deserve recognition for their creativity & determination!

If we are successful – the TRIBE 10% Project Team will be put forward for an award as part of the wider public vote!!

Let’s do this – together we go further and faster to fight modern slavery!!