Introducing Snowdrop

We are extremely excited to support The Snowdrop Project in 2018. Learn more about their work and their progress, in the first of two introductory blogs from our 2018 partners. By Megan Bethell, Marketing and Communications Manager @Snowdrop Project!

Snowdrop are a small team with a big vision; to ensure no survivor is left alone to rebuild their life. Recovery from human trafficking is an ongoing process. As the first charity in the UK to provide long-term support for survivors of human trafficking, we understand this first-hand.

Government support is provided for a short period which is often not long enough for a survivor to recover. We specialise in addressing the current gap in long-term support for UK survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery. We have found that when government support ends, 80% of survivors still have ongoing legal issues, 72% are living in unstable accommodation, 45% have little to no English and all survivors face no viable employment prospects. These issues require consistent and professional support without an expiry date.

Through one-to-one casework, counseling, trauma therapy, befriending, community activities (English classes, toddler groups, dance and sewing clubs) and house renovations, we empower survivors to live independently in their community. Our invaluable caseworkers help individuals to co-create a plan to work around and overcome the barriers they face. Professional interpreters and childcare for our clients, helps in ensuring no one is excluded from the desperately needed services we provide.

Our goal is not obvious from our name, but that’s the way our clients wanted it. When the Project was being established, the founders consulted the name with survivors and it was agreed that they wanted a clean break from their past. So, the bulb of Snowdrop was planted. Like the hardy but delicate-looking flower, the individuals we support have endured some of the harshest environments in order to bloom.

However,  as increasing numbers of survivors continue to be rescued each year, the demand for our service is growing. Consequently, The Snowdrop Project are over the moon to be selected to partner with TRIBE Freedom Foundation this year.

In the same way that the TRIBE community pushes the boundaries and strives to inspire people into action, we also push boundaries – speaking up publically for better provision and striving to create and inspire others to provide the best standard of survivor support. In 2016-17 we supported 48 survivors. With your support, we will go further. We look forward to seeing more Snowdrops flower and pushing forwards together for better support.

Visit to find out more about our work or follow us on Facebook @SnowdropProject to keep up to date.