Help support survivors for the long term

“Long term support is crucial for any survivor’s recovery, without it you may as well not have been rescued at all” Maya* a victim of Modern Slavery from the age of 12-19.

Throughout our 2018 grant-making review, one issue which TRIBE Freedom Foundation has recognised as a key challenge, for survivors and organisations working to fight modern slavery, is the availability of long term support.

Unlike victims of modern slavery in Northern Ireland and Scotland, the law in England and Wales currently does not give identified victims of slavery a right to support (e.g. accommodation, counselling and advice). This puts survivors at a massive risk of re-trafficking and re-exploitation. The Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill has been created to help ensure that UK survivors of modern slavery receive the long term support necessary to overcome their exploitation and regain their independence.

The Bill will give victims in England and Wales a guaranteed right to support whilst their case is investigated by the competent authorities (‘The Modern Slavery Human Trafficking Unit’ and the Home Office) and for a further 12 months afterwards. Support shall include (but is not restricted to):

  • safe accommodation
  • medical advice and treatment
  • counselling
  • translation and interpretation assistance
  • legal advice and representation
  • assistance with repatriation

It takes less than two minutes to support the Bill and demonstrate your support for the survivors of Modern Slavery. Simply:

  • Visit the Free for Good website
  • Enter your postcode
  • Add your name to the email written for you, which calls on your local MP to back the bill

To create a greater impact, share the Free for Good website and encourage people to join the campaign on social media with the hashtag #freeforgood

*A direct quote from Maya, a survivor supported by the Snowdrop Project whose name has been changed to protect her identity