Foodies Fighting Slavery: A New Toolkit For SMEs

This May, TRIBE Freedom Foundation launched a new SME Toolkit, commissioned by the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and in collaboration with Stronger Together and STOP THE TRAFFIK. The Toolkit is a practical guide designed to support UK Food & Drink SMEs to fight modern slavery in their operations and supply chains.

+27 million people are trapped in forced labour globally. Food and manufacturing are high-risk industries. Across the world (including in the UK) the number of people vulnerable to exploitation is increasing (learn more). We need to act now.

97% of the UK Food & Drink industry are small and medium-sized businesses (“SMEs”). Despite wanting to take action, SMEs, including our partners at TRIBE Nutrition, can often feel powerless to take action. They lack the resources needed to understand what to do and how to fight slavery within their supply chains.

Following an extensive 16-month consultation and research period, engaging 100s of employees and experts from across the Food & Drink industry, we are launching the Foodies Fighting Slavery Toolkit to help SMEs fight slavery in their operations with practical tools and tailored guidance.

Access the Toolkit here

We are asking all users to provide their email addresses to enable us to gather feedback on the Toolkit and invite you to our future Foodies Fighting Slavery events.

Together, we go further and faster to end modern slavery.

Let’s do this.



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