With 5 days to go before the TRIBE 10% Project Team take to the Hackney Half it’s time for the final push!!

So far, we’ve raised over £25K to support Ella’s Home & The Snowdrop Project as they fight modern slavery and this THURSDAY (17th May) everything donated to the campaign will be matched!! This means: every £1 donated creates £2.50 for charity (with Gift Aid).

Check out the live campaign here AND text ‘TRBE10’ followed by your donation e.g. ‘£10’ to 70070 to support the team & fight modern slavery!

The Cause

With over 300 people running as part of the TRIBE 10% Project Team (each raising money for TRIBE Freedom Foundation and aiming to cut their PB by 10%) we have a huge opportunity to create a change.

We want to reach £40K because with £20,000 each:

  • Ella’s Home could cover the cost of the rent for nine months, providing a haven and a home which gives women exiting situations of exploitation a therapeutic space to recover.
  • The Snowdrop Project could employ an additional caseworker and expand the capacity of their growing outreach service, providing essential long-term support for survivors of modern slavery.

We need EVERYONE to make this day count.

  • Send out one final email to your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Share your JustGiving page on social media.
  • Ping a text message or WhatsApp with your JustTextGiving link to as many people as you can!

**With Gift Aid included- every single pound donated will create £2.50 to charity – that’s £25 for a £10 donation and £50 for each £20 donation!!**

Let’s stretch our targets today and have an awesome race on Sunday.


Rules: 1. It will be limited to donations made to Justgiving pages (made between 9am and midnight on Thursday 17 May) of fundraisers who fundraise more than £100 in total. 2. It will apply to the donation amount (inc. the Gift Aid). 3. Capped at £5,000 donation overall.