Ayesha’s Story

TRIBE Freedom Foundation brings together everyday athletes to raise funds that help fight against modern slavery. These funds go to our frontline survivor support charities, whose work is invaluable for survivors of human trafficking here in the UK. 

We’ve been partnered with Ella’s survivor support charity since 2018. Ella’s provides safe houses, healthcare and emotional support, legal aid and financial guidance to vulnerable women, offering them long-term support to help them rebuild their lives after trafficking. 

One such woman is Ayesha, whose time at Ella’s gave her hope for a better future. 

Ayesha came to Ella’s from another refuge facility, where she had continued to suffer violence. Had it not been for Ella’s, she said, she’d “have been on the street.” In fact, she believes that she owes Ella’s her life: “Without this [Ella’s], I have no idea how we’d survive.”

Photo: Lloyds Bank Foundation/Ella’s

Her biggest obstacle on arrival at Ella’s was her mental health, which had been severely affected by her traumatic past. 

“The support at Ella’s has changed me […] Help accessing mental health support was the most important thing for me, as well as emotional support and help at appointments. They’ve offered training opportunities, too.”

After receiving the mental health support available at Ella’s, Ayesha’s outlook on both her future and herself has changed completely. 

“I had so many problems before, I can’t imagine what my life would be like if this place at Ella’s hadn’t been available […] Today, I describe myself as a strong woman. Since I came to Ella’s, I’ve become very strong.”

“A few years ago, I had no hope. Now, I think I can do anything! To any woman who is still without hope, I would say: wait, and everything will be ok with time. Don’t give up, just keep trying.”


To find out more about Ella’s and read their latest impact report visit: Website | Instagram
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