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Projects we Support

We provide funding to exceptional organisations working to achieve our priorities.

Our Priorities


Supporting projects which deliver solutions to help end modern slavery and human trafficking


Supporting projects which provide rehabilitation and support for the victims of modern slavery


Raising awareness and increasing community education of modern slavery

Grant-making in 2017

In December 2017, the Foundation awarded a grant of £80,000 to Unseen. This will be used to fund:

1. The UK Modern Slavery Helpline: In its first year, the Helpline took over 3,000 calls and made over 1,250 referrals to the police, local safeguarding teams and NGOs.  These 3,000 calls have indicated over 4,000 potential victims (of all genders and all ages) from a wide range of nationalities. It also helped to identify new trends and which will feed into future national anti-slavery strategies.

2. The Women’s Anti-Trafficking Emergency Refuge/ Men’s Anti-Slavery Project: Unseen demonstrates an established and successful model of 24/7 care and support for survivors of trafficking and slavery, delivering life-changing interventions to those most in need. Throughout 2016, 37 victims were supported across the charity’s two safe houses.

Grant-making in 2018 and beyond

In 2018, we are supporting two outstanding font line anti-slavery projects:

Ella’s Home: an East-London based safe-house providing rehabilitation, accommodation, and support for women exiting situations of trafficking and exploitation. In partnership with Luminary Bakery, they also offer training and employment opportunities, helping survivor’s to regain independence.

Snowdrop Project: a Sheffield-based charity and one of the first in the UK to provide long-term follow-on support for survivors. They work with clients on an individual basis to ensure their personal and complex needs are met. Since inception, they have developed and expanded their successful model, increasing both their capacity and their impact.

If you are interested in applying for funding to finance a relevant project or programme, we’d love to hear from you at We are always interested to hear from new organisations whose work aligns with our priorities.