Decision Time!

After months of extensive research (including a 260-page Report!), comprehensive due diligence and countless meetings, the TRIBE Freedom Foundation Trustees have selected two incredible frontline anti-slavery projects to support in 2018!!

And they are… Ella’s Home and The Snowdrop Project!! Both are truly inspirational charities, led by incredibly kind, motivated and inspiring women. We have got to know them well through the process and we are so happy to partner with them in 2018!

With more than 300 runners and riders already committed to fundraising for the TRIBE Freedom Foundation in 2018, including as part of the Hackney Half TRIBE 10% Project, our aim is to fundraise more than £100,000 towards the two projects, providing specialist long-term support for the survivors of modern slavery.

  • Ella’s Home is an East-London based safe-house providing rehabilitation, accommodation, and support for women exiting situations of trafficking and exploitation. In partnership with Luminary Bakery, they are also able to offer training and employment to women, helping survivor’s to regain independence and rebuild their lives.


  • The Snowdrop Project is a Sheffield-based charity and one of the first charities in the UK to provide long-term follow-on support for survivors of slavery. They work with clients on an individual basis to ensure their needs, which are often complex, are met. Since inception, they have continued to develop and expand their successful model, increasing both their capacity and their impact.


Our Process

We are super grateful to our awesome Trustees for their expertise and support throughout the process. The Trustees have a wide range of experience and include Tim Waldron (former CEO of Love 146) and Camilla Monckton (previously appointed to help set up the office of the UK’s first ever Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner). Other Trustees include Jeffrey Berman, Elise Aitchison and Andy Pusey, representing the tens of thousands of TRIBE community members who will be fundraising for the Foundation.

As part of the decision-making process, the Foundation compiled a 260-page report, analysing the landscape of Modern Slavery in the UK, the key organisations working in the space and the projects taking place across the sector. This included analysis of the 15 frontline anti-slavery charities who took part in our grant-making review.


The Criteria

The final decisions were based on the following key criteria:

  • Need for Funds – we aim to be fearless, supporting the hardest and often unseen or overlooked frontline projects
  • Sustainability – we have a bold vision to end modern slavery and to develop long-term and sustainable partnerships with those we support
  • Community – we believe strongly in community and are instinctively drawn to community-based projects
  • Partnership – we look to engage the TRIBE community wherever we can and partner with charities that will best enable this


Plans for 2018

We are super excited to collaborate and support both Ella’s Home and the Snowdrop Project and we look forward to updating you all on their news and their progress over the following years. We have loads of ideas for pop-ups and other fundraising events throughout the year, all of which we are super excited to share with you!

With over 300 runners and riders already committed to fundraising for the TRIBE Freedom Foundation in 2018, including as part of the TRIBE 10% Project, we have a massive opportunity to make a change!

So let’s smash our 2018 fundraising target of £100,000 and help fight Modern Slavery in the UK!